Monday, June 28, 2010

Bailey's Christmas Choir Concert 12-10-09

Bailey dropped out of choir after this lovely would understand why if you would of been there....
Look how excited they all are...
Yep future performers right here

Holiday in The Park 11-28-09

I have been wanting to go to Holiday in the park for years and we decided to finally we packed up with the family and headed out
Kinsley letting this older man fly her around
That's her flirt face
Tate with his "I'm funny" face..Uggg drives me crazy
The kids Tate
Tate, Cru, Taylor, Kinsley and Colin
Andrew and Cru
The Lindsey's
Andrew teaching Kinsley to drive
The Tatsak's
Tate heading down the snow hill
Andrew..not shocking
Taylor and Cru
Amy and Kinsley
Tate, Andrew and Kinsley

Rusty The New Dog 8-8-09

As you all know I'm not a pet when Bandit died I was bound and determined not to get another pet...GUESS I LOST THAT's Rusty the newest addition to the Lindsey family

Glad we bought that bed

Berlin and Bryton's Going Away Party 11-24-09

Well Berlin and Bryton are moving to Italy...their step-dad is in the army and this is where he was stationed...not a bad place to have to hang...We hope to visit in the summer..haha
The gang
Dancing Fools
These Guys always have to try to show up the kids
Nothing like the Bee Gees

Berlin busting a move in the back of the boys pic
Bishop and Kinsley
Cru is showing Kelly how to break it down toddler style
Don't ask me??? He's scary
The kids jammin
Oh Kelly you make such a pretty princess...Kinsley must love you to share
Bailey and Erika
Taylor, Ashley,? Berlin, ? and Bailey
Berlin trying to hug Tate
Berlin, Taylor, Bailey and Tate
Taylor, Bailey and Berlin
Berlin and Bailey
Christine and Bailey
Taylor, mom,dad and Berlin Christine, Taylor, Berlin and Mom
Taylor and Berlin

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tate's End of Season Party 11-20-09

Tate ended another season of coach pitch baseball...time to rest and get ready for another season...
Tate and his Coach
Tate with the boys
Taylor, Bryton and Kinsley
Tate trying to win a prize
Bryton and Kinsley enjoying Tate's party

Bailey Going To Her School Dance

Bailey was so excited about being able to go to school dance's this year..she loves to shop so dances are a good excuse for new outfits
Bailey and dad

What an outfit
Taylor, Bailey and Tate